Untreated Yeast Infection

Untreated Yeast Infection

An untreated yeast infection is a bad thing. And believe it or not, about 50% of women deal with infections from time to time. While yeast is important in the body, too much yeast in the body can lead to an infection. While these infections are not considered to be a serious problem, an untreated one can lead on to further problems. So, it is important to understand the symptoms, the severity, and potential hazards that can occur if you don''t treat the yeast infection promptly.


Since it is so important that you start treating these infections as soon as possible, you''ll need to be familiar with the symptoms so you can recognize it if it happens to you. Some of the most common symptoms include burning when urinating, discomfort, pain, discharge from the vagina, and a mild odor. Also, some people also end up dealing with some pain when engaged in sexual intercourse as well. Usually the symptoms go away fairly fast when the infection is treated, but an untreated infection can lead to more severe symptoms.


An untreated yeast infection can lead to increased severity of the symptoms. The pain can get worse and the other symptoms can become worse as well. However, there are some times that the infections clear up on their own, especially when menstruation occurs, since the vagina has a higher pH level when menstruation is occurring. While it is quite unusual for an infection to turn into a major health issue, it can occur. Sometimes infections that are untreated can go on to become a more significant health problem or it can even be a symptom of a deeper problem as well.

Potential Hazards

An untreated infection can have some potential hazards as well. One medical problem that can occur when a yeast infection is left untreated is sepsis, which is a blood condition. This condition results from bacteria spreading through the blood stream, and it is usually deadly. Also vulvovaginal candidiasis can also occur. This is a medical problem that can only be diagnosed by your doctor, so if you have more than three vaginal yeast infections in one year, you should definitely have your doctor check it out.

So, when you do develop an infection, it is important that you begin treatment right away, whether you decide to use medications or natural home remedies. You want to nip the problem while it is young so you don''t have to deal with any of the problems that can occur with an untreated yeast infection.

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