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Tue, 25 Oct 2011 18:43:20 +0000enhourly1 is the best natural remedy for sinus congestion?, 25 Oct 2011 06:47:23 +0000admin is the best natural, herbal,homeopathic remedy for sinus congestion?

]]> sperm a good natural remedy for acne?, 24 Oct 2011 06:50:26 +0000admin am in high school and going through an acne problem. I tried wash things and it has not worked that well, and my parents talk about accutane, but i heard accutane is not safe or natural. But, a friend who is an herbalist told me that something like sperm would be a good natural remedy for acne. But, i am double checking to be sure and consulting yahoo answers. What do you all think? Thanks!:)

]]> Remedy Ahurei 2011 “Irie Lady & Searching”, 23 Oct 2011 06:45:32 +0000admin

The first song is Irie Lady, was written from all us,then when our brother Lui joined he finished it off, the second song is titled searching, it was written by brother Lui, Played at the Ahurei 2011.

]]> anyone have a natural sleep remedy?, 21 Oct 2011 18:43:41 +0000admin find myself waking up at night and can’t go back to sleep.When i do go back to sleep, it’s like i’m not even sleep.I don’t wan to get hooked to sleep medicines.So is there a natural remedy out there?

]]>’s a natural remedy for a head cold?, 20 Oct 2011 18:44:48 +0000admin;m a firm believer that bacteria can and does adapt to prescription medicine as well as over the counter treatments. What is a good, all natural, remedy for sinus pain and a draining nose? I have tried a hot shower as well as a warm cloth over my face. Thanks!

]]> there a holistic, natural remedy for my cat’s dandruff?, 19 Oct 2011 06:44:19 +0000admin is on a healthy diet of a food high in whatever the fats are called (18% I believe), she has never had a dandruff problem before (she’s 2) but we moved recently and this is her first spring in northern California. I believe that she is having itchy, dry skin due to allergies because she is constantly rolling on the carpet and trying to scratch her back (where the majority of the dandruff is) on tables and other things. Is there a natural remedy to soother her skin?

]]> have a natural remedy for menstrual cramps?, 18 Oct 2011 18:44:57 +0000admin tried the pill and am getting increasingly stronger analgesics and they do nothing! I dont wanna go back to the doc if i can find a natural remedy.

]]> do you consider the best medicinee or “home remedy” for the common cold/flu. NON- PRESCRIPTION?, 18 Oct 2011 11:25:26 +0000admin the country medicines. And maybe some of the “home remedies” to help get over a cold/flu. without prescrptions

]]>’s a good natural remedy for chronic sinus infections?, 16 Oct 2011 06:48:42 +0000admin tried various remedies and surgery and now the ENT doctor said I need surgery again for blocked sinuses, I want a natural cure for this

]]> Lice Remedy Are There Any Natural Remedies For Pubic Lice?, 14 Oct 2011 18:46:07 +0000admin picked up Pubic lice from accommodation where the sheets had not been washed properly. I have really sensitive skin & want to know if there are any good pubic lice natural remedies to get rid of crabs? I have heard that you can get ones that also calm the itching? Any ideas?