Eating Disorders - Are You At Risk Of Developing One? Healthy Diet Recipes

Eating Disorders - Are You At Risk Of Developing One?  Healthy Diet Recipes

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Eating Disorders - Are You At Risk Of Developing One?

Some girls are perfectly content with their bodies, but there are others who are never satisfied. There is much more to it than self-loathing; there are many reasons someone might be more likely to have an eating disorder.

Gender is definitely an influence in whether or not youll tend to develop an eating disorder. Even though women still outnumber men, the number of young males diagnosed with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia is rising at a distressing rate.

Your age is another consideration. No one is impervious to having an eating disorder - they can even arise at some point in middle age. But most commonly, the problem starts much sooner, usually in adolescence or your early twenties.

Your chance of developing an eating disorder increases greatly if a family member also suffers from a disorder. You might think it would influence you in the opposite direction, but instead it sometimes makes it socially acceptable.

A person who has a mental disorder such as an OCD can also suffer an eating disorder, as controlling food and eating is another way to control the world around them. Similarly, there is an increased rate of eating disorders in women suffering from depression or anxiety.

Another risk factor is having a fixation with exercise. If youre overdoing it at the gym or you participate in competitive athletics, then you could be more likely to develop an eating disorder because you incorrectly think that depriving your body of food will improve your performance.

And lets not forget the peer influences that shape the way we think about ourselves. Many body-wrecking eating disorders started with a parent or sibling half jokingly stating that the person in question needed to go on a diet.

If you happen to fall into any of the above categories, you should take steps to ensure that you wont fall victim to an eating disorder - or if you already suffer from one, prevent the condition from worsening. Ask your doctor what a healthy weight is for your body type and how best to maintain it.

Work on building your self esteem and confidence and try to avoid people who criticize you all of the time. Dont listen to these bad influences that are driving you to an eating disorder.

Dont get caught up in the fantasy of looking like a supermodel off the cover of Vogue magazine; it is far better to focus on becoming a beautiful person on the inside. Advances in technology allow the editors to remove imperfections from these beautiful models (who are, understandably, grateful).

Kim Archer writes about womens wellness. She is publisher of The Internet Spa, where youll find up-to-date information to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

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