The Hornbuckle Effect

The Hornbuckle Effect

My brother has a theory about creating interest from other people by using something he’s coined “hornbuckling”. Basically, it’s a cool name for “treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen”. Currently, I’m finding myself in the unique position of both hornbuckler, and hornbucklee. Obviously with different people, because I think it would be impossible to be both things to the same person, but it’s an interesting experiment. As the hornbucklee, I find myself fascinated and magnetised, and as the hornbuckler, I’m totally getting off on the power trip. I don’t quite know where either of the situations will lead, but it’s an interesting journey.

I’ve just had a bath that was too hot, and am feeling oddly out of sorts. Tired, but also something else underlying the tiredness - heat exhaustion maybe? I’m really bad at judging temperature, and since I’d taught Spinning this afternoon I thought hot would be better. Hmm, must remember not to be seduced by that thinking next week. I compounded the heat by having an extremely brief, but totally freezing shower afterwards.

Today I taught my last Tuesday exercise class at Finbar, which was very sweet and sad, but I managed to keep the crying to only a few subtle tears. I came away with the most huge bunch of gorgeous flowers which are in my kitchen, dwarfing everything else and reminding me of my beautiful friends. So next Tuesday, it’s a new Yummy Mummie’s class at Hunts. I saw my interview in “Mother’s Matters” today, which is HUGE, and very exciting. I also managed to sound quite intelligent! I may have to start a clippings section …

I’ve spent the day with only one earring on, which is quite annoying, as it’s a big hoop, and I’m worried everyone’s been thinking I’m trying to look like a pirate. I’ve found the other one now, which came off while I was sleeping, but since it’s after 7pm, any pirate resemblance has already been firmly implanted in people’s minds. Hopefully the lack of a parrot or wooden leg made it slightly less obvious.

Only one hour of work tonight, which is OK with me. Tomorrow I have to motivate myself to work out on my own, as Steve is away for the week. In a tragic way I’m almost looking forward to it … almost. So think good workout thoughts for me between 8-8.30am as I curse under my breath, then check out my muscles afterwards.