Obesity: A Reference Handbook Health Fruits and Foods

Obesity: A Reference Handbook  Health Fruits and Foods

In this timely and insightful guide represent two of the leading experts on obesity an up-to-date, scientifically accurate but accessible study of our current understanding the causes, consequences, and the most effective responses to these persistent threat to health. P> p> Obesity: A Reference Handbook i> helps readers to unravel the relationships between obesity, genetics and environmental and behavioral factors that might aggravate the condition . It combines the latest findings from a number of recent studies, including those aimed at determining obesity, diet analysis, and evaluation of drugs and surgical treatments. The handbook also examines the economic and social effects of obesity, the issues of discrimination and weight of the complex issue of responsibility for the prevention and treatment to be determined. The reader will also encounter together researchers, businesses, activists and government agencies to alleviate obesity in the United States and worldwide. P>

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