A light came on for me. I’d never seen anything like that, but as a scientist, it made sense to me.

Without delay, I began applying The Healing Codes™. Within six weeks, I began to get noticeable improvement in my physical symptoms. Within eight weeks, I was confident I had reversed the disease process.

Today, nearly five years later, when 80 percent of the people with Lou Gehrig’s disease would already be dead, not only am I alive and kicking, I am healthy and vital.

Every once in a while, I get a little muscle jiggle under my skin, and I take that as a reminder that the potential for the disease is still there for me if I don’t stay emotionally clear and live in love. That’s what I believe and my life is centered around that belief.

It’s that experience that has sparked my passion to share the route to natural healing with as many people as possible.

My family is glad I’m still around—and so am I. This second lease on life gives me an opportunity to share some insights into healing that are life-changing for everyone.


I think I’ve always known the secrets of the Law of Attraction, but, like everyone, I tend to forget how profoundly my thought processes affect my world.

When Dr. Ben first called me on one snowy Saturday night in February, my husband and I were watching a video of The Secret™. I was somewhat annoyed to be interrupted, but, being a mom, I picked up the phone in case my daughter needed me. I wasn’t prepared to get a business call from an unknown doctor at 11 p.m. on a Saturday, nor was I prepared for the ways that call would change my life. That first conversation was very short since I rather sternly informed Dr. Ben that we were having “family time.”

When we connected during normal business hours a couple of days later, Dr. Ben asked how our ”family time” had been.

“It was good,” I told him. “We were watching a movie called The Secret™. Have you heard of it?”

There was a pregnant few seconds of silence.

Then he quietly replied, “Yes. I’m in it.”

After I recovered from the rush of adrenaline of learning about the Law of Attraction in such an “out there” manner, I knew this was a book that I had to write.

Of course, back in those days, alternative medicine was considered extremely fringe and “free radicals” were probably related to political extremists, not natural healing.

I began teaching yoga and practicing meditation and living a natural lifestyle. It served me well over the ensuing decades.

Now, a few years down the road and with six natural health books under my belt, I know I have found a way to express my true passion, and like Dr. Ben, I can share with readers what I’ve learned along the way.

As the owner of a healthy pair of breasts, I have learned an immense amount in working with Dr. Ben and in researching this book. What I thought I knew sometimes turned out not to be true and what I didn’t know was vast. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn more every day. And I’m still not wearing my bra most of the time! (See Chapter 3 for an explanation.)

--Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D.

Rossville, Georgia

--Kathleen Barnes

Brevard, North Carolina

May 2007