minerals articles and information on the NewsTarget Network, the independent health news source

minerals articles and information on the NewsTarget Network, the independent health news source

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Food scientists attempt to remineralize manufactured foodsPublished February 26 2006Dr. David Thomas, a primary healthcare practitioner and independent researcher, reveals the impact a new supplement could have on the mineral-deficient foods produced by...Concepts: healthcare, magnesium, sodium, trace minerals, saltSpotting healthy whole grain products can be difficult thanks to latest marketing ploysPublished February 21 2006Barbara Quinn, a registered dietitian at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, offers consumers tips on how to identify the most nutritious whole grain products at food...Concepts: whole grain, minerals, vitamins, whole grains, antioxidantsU.S. government developing green energy projects along outer continental shelfPublished February 15 2006As part of the Department of Interior, the Minerals Management Service (MMS) is seeking to develop wind, solar and wave projects on the outer continental shelf of the United...Concepts: green energy, United States, wind power, renewable energy, mineralsPolar bear deaths are a strong sign of global warming''s effectsPublished February 4 2006Researchers from the U.S. Minerals Management Service are reporting increasing numbers of polar bears that are drowning, evidence of the effects of global warming on the polar ice...Concepts: global warming, minerals, swimming, huntingFood expert believes color is the key to choosing healthy vegetablesPublished February 2 2006Ron Wrolstad, a food scientist at Oregon State University, provides an in-depth discussion of how color should impact consumers'' decisions about what vegetables to eat....Concepts: fruits, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, apples, lycopeneStudies of calcium suggest it can do more than build up your bonesPublished January 31 2006The New Straits Times talks about the many functions that calcium plays, including its role in bone health and weight loss....Concepts: calcium, milk products, bone health, magnesium, mineralsDoctor evaluates the nutritional data of trace minerals Published January 19 2006Karen Grenus, Ph.D., an expert in dry blends, writes for Foodproductdesign.com about the nutritional value of trace minerals often overlooked by...Concepts: minerals, trace minerals, selenium, health claims, zincNaturopath offers remedies to women who want to maintain healthy bonesPublished January 2 2006A naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist in Honolulu, Dr. Laurie Steelsmith addresses the issue of women''s bone health and recommends nutritional supplements and herbs that can aid women in...Concepts: bone health, osteoporosis, bone density, minerals, vitaminsADA provides nutritional advice to expectant mothers Published December 29 2005The American Dietetic Association provides advice to expectant mothers, including how they can prepare their bodies with vitamins and nutritional supplements for pregnancy''s grueling demands....Concepts: expectant mothers, ADA, nutritional advice, calcium, vitaminsSchool paper talks about the importance of vitamin D in the winter monthsPublished December 18 2005Excalibur, the newspaper of York University, devotes an article to vitamin D and its many health benefit claims, including bone health....Concepts: Vitamin D, calcium, mineralsSuperfoods list reveals where the best nutrition can be foundPublished December 8 2005The Daily Mail provides a list of superfoods that includes apples, baked beans, olive oil and...Concepts: superfoods, nutrition, heart disease, apples, antioxidantAlternative medicine experts say magnesium can help reduce hypertensionPublished November 10 2005Yam Cher Seng discusses research done by the American Heart Association''s Nutrition Committee, which provides evidence that a diet high in magnesium can help prevent high blood pressure and...Concepts: magnesium, blood pressure, alternative medicine, hypertension, calciumAntioxidant research focuses on fruits and veggiesPublished November 10 2005In The Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry, scientists share research on the antioxidant properties of artichokes, Russet potatoes, pecans and...Concepts: antioxidant, fruits, antioxidants, nuts, pecansAnti-aging expert offers advice on minerals and vitamin-based skin carePublished November 10 2005James Meschino, a fellow of the Academy of Anti-Aging Research and author of "The Wrinkle-Free Zone," talks about the essential role vitamins and minerals play in skincare....Concepts: minerals, anti-aging, vitamins, vitamins and minerals, antioxidantNatural minerals may help alleviate the pain of arthritis sufferersPublished November 4 2005A study published in the Journal of Inflammation found that SierraSil, a drug supplement manufactured by Vancouner-based Sierra Mountain minerals, found that the drug''s natural minerals proved...Concepts: arthritis, minerals, placebo, inflammation, medicationMineralee Dead Sea Water Treats Skin Conditions (press release)Published October 24 2005Mineralee, an enriched Dead Sea water product, is proving to be an alternative treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, Athlete''s Foot and dry and damaged skin. The Mineralee water is extracted off the...Concepts: water, skin conditions, psoriasis, eczema, mineralsLow energy in runners often points to an iron deficiencyPublished October 13 2005Dr. Kim Vivian, a naturopathic doctor, provides runners with vital information about how nutrition can affect performance, such as how iron deficiencies can lead to reduced...Concepts: runners, nutrition, oxygen, vitamins and minerals, vitaminsPet doctor recommends daily vitamins to supplement your pet''s dietPublished October 5 2005Dr. Fox answers questions regarding pet nutrition and health with practical natural cures that are tested, tried and...Concepts: vitamins, minerals, natural healthBrain foods that will jumpstart your dayPublished October 3 2005Better Homes and Garden recommends eight superfoods that will get you enough complex carbohydrates in your daily meals for you to have energy to spare at the end of the...Concepts: carbohydrates, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, brain function, vitamins and mineralsHow to make superfood snacks and meals to keep your teenager going strongPublished October 3 2005To meet the daily calorie intake most teenagers need, a cybernoon.com reporter recommends fruits, granola, peanut butter and other superfoods you might...Concepts: snacks, peanut butter, nuts, superfoods, yogurtApple cider vinegar found to have healing propertiesPublished September 28 2005Apple cider vinegar, with a little honey, can detoxify the body of pollutants, unhealthy foods and unnatural elements absorbed through the skin, and Amber Roedel, in a recent Salt Lake Community...Concepts: apple cider vinegar, honey, vitamins, pollutants, vitamins and mineralsGuidelines for good carbsPublished September 27 2005While the body needs carbohydrates, it benefits mostly from "good" carbs, like those found in nuts and fruits, and when trying to replace the bad with the good, it is important to pay attention to...Concepts: glycemic index, sugar, diets, minerals, vitaminsHealth website offers tips for reducing prostate cancer riskPublished September 23 2005Cybernoon reports that no pill or drug will magically prevent prostate cancer, and only exercising regularly, moderating calorie and fat intake, maintaining a healthy weight and eating more whole...Concepts: cancer, prostate cancer, minerals, vitamins, cancer riskWebsite gives info on vitamin supplementsPublished September 19 2005Since many Americans are deficient in a wide range of vitamins and minerals, supplementation becomes necessary, even for otherwise healthy people, and MyVitaminGuide.com offers information, advice and...Concepts: vitamin supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals, calciumHealthy sprouts gain popularityPublished September 18 2005Vegetable sprouts, rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, are gaining popularity as a health food, and do-it-yourself kits are now available help people grow their own sprouts at home....Concepts: sprouts, minerals, vegetables, vitamins, bean sproutsWebsite health guru recommends alternative means of relief from allergiesPublished September 12 2005For people who are tired of side effects of prescription or over-the-counter allergy medicines, About.com health guide Judy Tidwell suggests enzymes, fatty acids, herbs, minerals and vitamins can be...Concepts: immune system, fatty acids, medications, herbs, allergiesYES! The latest choice in functional beverages (press release)Published August 26 2005Containing high levels of significant nutrients like trace minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, YES! Also boasts a 75 percent absorption...Concepts: beverages, minerals, nutritional products, amino acids, trace mineralsIntroducing Glacial Marine Clay Body Scrub with Pristine, Organic, Mineral-Rich Ingredients Found Only In Canada (press release)Published August 26 2005Montreal, (Canada)www.anaturalperspective.com, the place for signature Canadian natural skin care products introduces Glacial Marine Clay Body Scrub....Concepts: antioxidant, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidantsDoctors confused about cholesterol (press release)Published August 9 2005The advisory group has been brought together in response to research among Australian GPs which found 73.2% of GPs believed dietary cholesterol had a ‘moderate to significant’ effect on serum...Concepts: eggs, nutrition, doctors, Australia, gpsSale of nuts skyrockets as health-conscious consumers switch snacksPublished August 6 2005With so many people looking for low-fat snacks these days, the sales of nuts has skyrocketed. Nuts provide essential nutrients and should be a part of any healthy...Concepts: nuts, nuts and seeds, snacks, calcium, vitamin AFit Food cookbook offers healthy dishes, food factsPublished July 31 2005A JewishNews.com review of Ellen Haas'' cookbook, "Fit Food: Eating Well for Life," notes that it contains healthy and delicious recipes, but it also has basic guidelines for healthy eating such as how...Concepts: poultry, vegetables, minerals, vitamins, antioxidantsYour body needs sodium, but not too muchPublished July 29 2005While the body needs sodium, it only needs small amounts, and enough sodium usually occurs naturally in our foods without the use of added table salt. However, if your diet is too high in sodium it is...Concepts: salt, sodium, water, table salt, cookingMineral supplements may be used via the skinPublished July 27 2005Vitamins and minerals work together to keep us healthy, but many people do not get enough of them for essential growth and development of bones, teeth, hair, blood, nerves and skin, so one way to...Concepts: minerals, mineral supplements, vitamins, vitamins and mineralsDiet is the key to aging gracefullyPublished July 27 2005The key to maintaining a more youthful appearance as you age is not to find the secret fountain of youth, but to eat a healthy diet filled with vitamins and minerals and to exercise regularly to...Concepts: aging, oxygen, DHA, vitamins and minerals, vitaminsNot all breads are a good source of whole grainsPublished July 27 2005Although bread can be a good source of whole grains, not all breads have whole grains, and breads made with enriched, or white, flour are not a source of whole grain because the process used to enrich...Concepts: whole grain, whole grains, carbohydrates, minerals, vitaminsVemma Health and Wealth System Sweeping the Nation (press release)Published July 26 2005Mangosteen, known as the "Queen of all fruits" has been used for centuries by Asian health practitioners for it''s nutritional benefits and delicious flavor. Combine the antioxidant rich power of...Concepts: mangosteen, nutrition, antioxidant, medications, mineralsVitamin sales restrictions remain in place in European UnionPublished July 21 2005The European Court of Justice ruled to maintain the European Commission''s Food Supplements Directive, a directive adopted in 2002 that restricts the sale of vitamins and minerals in the European Union...Concepts: vitamins, health food, food supplements, vitamins and minerals, Food Supplements DirectiveExercise and clean living best osteoporosis prevention methodsPublished July 21 2005As easily as a sedentary lifestyle coupled with tobacco, alcohol and poor diet can promote osteoporosis, exercise, clean living and proper nutrition can help prevent it, says fitness expert Marjie...Concepts: osteoporosis, calcium, sedentary lifestyle, minerals, vitaminsRestoring Health With the Missing Links: Minerals (press release)Published July 21 2005Health professionals acknowledge that prevention is better than cure – catch a problem at the top of the cliff before picking up the wreckage at the bottom.

But too few people practise this....Concepts: minerals, mineral supplements, sugar, saltEuropean High Court Ruling Endangers United States Wellness Industry, Strengthens CODEX Threat/ World Health Organization Urges Turnaround to Support Global Health (press release)Published July 20 2005The European Court of Justice (ECJ), Europe''s version of the US Supreme Court, yesterday ruled in favor of devastating restrictions on nutritional supplements which will have significant negative...Concepts: CODEX, nutrition, wellness, United States, World Health OrganizationMinerals are essential for a healthy body and mindPublished July 15 2005Minerals are vital for a healthy body and mind, and Nina Singh, a dietician at the Woodlands Nursing Home in Calcutta, lists the five absolute essential minerals as calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium...Concepts: minerals, calcium, iodine, magnesium, vegetablesVitamin E can cut risk of prostate cancer in menPublished July 15 2005A study of 30,000 men shows vitamin E can reduce men''s risk of developing prostate cancer by...Concepts: cancer, vitamin E, prostate cancer, selenium, beta-caroteneSmoothies a great source of health on the goPublished July 12 2005The smoothie craze is worth a try since the low-fat, low-cholesterol drinks (when made correctly) are packed with fruit, protein, vitamins, fiber, minerals and cancer-protective phytochemicals, and...Concepts: smoothies, vitamins, health benefits, yogurt, low-fatNutritional Supplement Successfully Fights Acne without Antibiotics or Side Effects (press release)Published July 2 2005A Florida dermatologist has successfully combined 7 vitamins, minerals and one herb into a tablet which appears to provide relief to people suffering from acne.

Dr. Goodless came across the...Concepts: acne, antibiotics, side effects, nutritional supplement, berberineVincent Foods’ Oh Mama! “Delicious Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy” - Wins Innovation Award at 2005 International JPMA Show (press release)Published June 29 2005Oh Mama!, the nutrition bar designed for perinatal women, was selected for the Innovative New Product Award at the 2005 International Juvenile Product Manufacturer Association (JPMA) show last month...Concepts: nutrition, nutrition bar, DHA, pregnant women, maternal nutritionColumnist answers questions on nutritionPublished June 26 2005In his latest column for the WCF Courier, Dr. Ed Blonz provides nutritional advice to two readers, explaining whole grain foods to one, and the effect of soda water on the body to the...Concepts: water, carbonated beverages, whole grains, soda, vitamins and mineralsOh Mama! Finally, a Nutrition Bar for Pregnant Women (press release)Published June 13 2005Addressing a void in the market for healthy and convenient foods aimed at pregnant women, Beth Vincent, CEO and Co-founder of Vincent Foods has created the Oh Mama! nutrition bar. Oh Mama! is the...Concepts: nutrition, nutrition bar, pregnant women, DHA, pregnancyAlliance for Natural Health needs your support (press release)Published June 12 2005Do you want the Alliance for Natural Health to continue fighting for your

right to choose natural healthcare? If you do, then we need urgent funding to

continue successfully challenging and shaping...Concepts: natural health, CODEX, food supplements, freedom, legislationGlobal market for natural anti-aging skincare products on the risePublished June 12 2005The popularity of skincare products is growing, and those products are including natural ingredients like vitamin E more and more often. Euromonitor International estimates that the global market for...Concepts: anti-aging, skin care, SPF, vitamin E, mineralsManitoba Harvest Announces "Fresh Hemp Food" Bulk & Private Label Service (press release)Published June 1 2005In response to growing demand, Manitoba Harvest™1 Hemp Foods & Oils is expanding the hemp food products and services it provides to retailers, food service companies, manufacturers and consumers. The...Concepts: hemp, Manitoba Harvest, hemp foods, protein powder, hemp seedsNew Hemp Protein Powder Is Loaded With Energy & Flavor (press release)Published June 1 2005Although it is powerful enough to meet the needs of elite athletes and bodybuilders, Manitoba Harvest™ has designed their new Hemp Protein Powder with normal health-seeking folks in mind. The growing...Concepts: hemp, protein powder, hemp protein, hemp seeds, protein contentDaily Dose of Healthy Living for Dogs (press release)Published June 1 2005Sound health for dogs of any age or breed starts with proper nutrition, exercise and a balanced supplement that addresses a dog''s specific needs. Just like humans, pets usually do not receive an ideal...Concepts: dogs, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, VermontAquagen International introduces perfect empowered drinking water ultimate fluid for your most advanced machine (press release)Published May 28 2005Perfect Empowered Drinking Water, enriched with Aquagen® molecularly-bound stabilized oxygen, and enhanced with essential minerals and electrolytes, is the latest advance in premium hydration...Concepts: water, drinking water, oxygen, salt, mineralsBoost your vitamins and nutrients to maximum performance with Aquagen® liquid oxygen (press release)Published May 28 2005Whether you are a triathlete, a weekend warrior, a high-powered executive, an extreme sports enthusiast or a very busy stay at home mom, you could probably use more energy. Oxygen provides nearly 80%...Concepts: oxygen, vitamins, liquid oxygen, minerals, stabilized oxygenAquagen International, inc. Introduces revolutionary new line of liquid oxygen supplements (press release)Published May 28 2005Energy and vitality are a primary concern for all adults trying to keep up with today''s fast paced lifestyles. Oxygen comprises two thirds of the human body, and without it we could not survive, yet...Concepts: oxygen, liquid oxygen, stabilized oxygen, harmful chemicals, waterHero Nutritionals Launches Yummi Bears & Friends Line Of Chewable Multi-Vitamins For Children (press release)Published May 28 2005Hero Nutritionals, makers of Yummi® Bears®, has launched Yummi Bears & Friends, a line of chewable multi-vitamins for children. Yummi Bears & Friends contain 100 mg of certified organic whole food...Concepts: vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, vitamins and minerals, vegetarianHero Nutritional Products Launches All-Natural Pet Care Line (press release)Published May 28 2005Hero Nutritional Products, a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements, has launched A Breed Above™, an all-natural pet care line. The A Breed Above pet care line includes all-natural dietary...Concepts: pet care, nutritional products, dogs, vitamins, pet ownersWhole grain foods tied to reduction in risk of serious ailmentsPublished May 22 2005In its 2005 Dietary Guidelines, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends at least three ounces of whole grain cereals, crackers, breads, pasta, or rice daily. The reason? Whole grains...Concepts: whole grain, whole grains, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, mineralsDietary minerals play important role in body processesPublished May 5 2005Our bodies need minerals in order to function. Minerals have two purposes in the human body - they build skeletal and soft tissues, and they regulate processes such as heartbeat, blood clotting,...Concepts: minerals, calcium, dietary minerals, ice cream, oxygenPeanuts provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy oilsPublished April 20 2005While peanuts may have a bad reputation for having high calories, many people are getting into the habit of eating them again. Many healthcare organizations actually say that eating peanuts in...Concepts: peanuts, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, allergiesFacts about Codex and Dietary Supplements (press release)Published April 19 2005Numerous internet-based articles in recent months have broadcast concern about the potential impact of the Codex Alimentarius Commission on the legal status of dietary supplements in the United...Concepts: CODEX, dietary supplements, AHPA, herbal products, food supplementsOnions may keep osteoporosis at bay, new research on rats indicatesPublished April 17 2005Warding off osteoporosis may just be a matter of eating more onions, new research suggests. Experts are careful to point out that the research has, so far, only been conducted on rats. But onions...Concepts: onions, osteoporosis, bone mineral density, minerals, vitaminsPeanuts offer healthy fats, antioxidants, when eaten in moderationPublished April 11 2005Peanuts are a nutritious legume that provide healthy fats including monounsaturated fatty acids, phytochemicals, resveratrol, dietary fiber, plant protein, particularly amino acid arginine, vitamins...Concepts: peanuts, healthy fats, antioxidants, resveratrol, calciumAmericans spend $750 million a year on energy drinks, but health care professionals doubt their usefulnessPublished April 6 2005Americans shell out hundreds of millions of dollars on energy drinks each year. Drink makers throw a bunch of things into their products, from vitamins and minerals to herbs, but the main ingredients...Concepts: energy drinks, health care professionals, health care, caffeine, carbohydratesHero Nutritional Products Adds Three New Formulas To Juice For Life Dietary Supplement Line (press release)Published March 30 2005Hero Nutritional Products, a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements, has added three new formulas to its Juice for Life line of dietary supplements; Juice for Life Whole Food Multi-Vitamin,...Concepts: nutritional products, dietary supplement, minerals, vitamins, barleyHoodia, Green Tea and 5-HTP as an Effective Solution for Weight LossPublished March 30 2005When Americans look in the mirror, they see one thing painfully obvious: Either the mirror is getting smaller or they are getting fatter. Either way, almost everyone is looking for a solution to the...Concepts: green tea, weight loss, appetite, insulin, metabolismCampaign Launched Against Dietary SupplementsPublished March 29 2005At a time when the Food and Drug Administration is under criticism for approving unsafe drugs, and when pharmaceutical companies are being called to task for not disclosing negative studies of their...Concepts: dietary supplement, dietary supplements, the FDA, side effects, prescription drugsFruit and Veggie Complete whole food concentrate product launchedPublished March 29 2005Research shows that eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables a day plays an

important role in preventing these diseases and conditions of ill heath. Whole

food fruits and vegetables contain...Concepts: vegetables, whole food concentrate, fruits, USDA, fruits and vegetablesYummi Bear maker releases health drink mix aimed at kidsPublished March 26 2005The company that makes the famous Yummi Bear candies has launched a new health drink mix that aims to give kids a solid daily dose of vitamins and minerals in a tasty treat. Yummi Blast can be mixed...Concepts: health drink, whole food concentrate, vitamin C, nutritional products, probioticFinding healthy carbs difficult for some dietersPublished March 26 2005Eating healthy carbohydrates is not always an easy task. Carbohydrates come in three major varieties: sugars, starches, and fibers. Sugars occur naturally in many foods; they are also added to food...Concepts: sugar, carbohydrates, refined grains, vegetables, mineralsCalcium good for animals, too, supplement company saysPublished March 13 2005The makers of a calcium supplement for pets say the mineral is as good for animals as it is for humans. Calcium has long been known to replenish vital minerals the human body loses naturally as it...Concepts: calcium, minerals, horses, coral calcium, heavy metalsHealthy lifestyle is key to aging gracefully, experts say Published March 8 2005Experts say the most important factor in looking and feeling fit late in life is to take life-long steps to age gracefully. Among their tips: eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, spend time in...Concepts: aging, healthy lifestyle, water, healthcare, fruitsSpirulina is excellent superfood supplement for those with busy schedulesPublished March 6 2005Many individuals lead hectic lives. For those looking for a good supplement, look no further than Spirulina. Spirulina is almost 70% protein and is full of amino acids and micronutrients. The...Concepts: spirulina, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, amino acidsPopular U.S. product Cellfood now available worldwidePublished March 4 2005Cellfood, a product developed by Everett Storey, has been on sale for 36 years in the US and is now available worldwide. Cellfood contains a proprietary mix of minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that...Concepts: Cellfood, oxygen, amino acids, minerals, waterNutrition bar manufacturer will soon offer full dosage of 23 vitamins and minerals.Published February 16 2005The makers of Pulse nutrition bars say they have enhanced their formulas and their product will soon give consumers the full government recommended daily dosage of 23 vitamins and minerals. The...Concepts: vitamins, nutrition, pulse, nutrition bar, mineralsDietary supplement market going strong in Europe; sales see steady increases despite skepticism from doctorsPublished February 14 2005The market for dietary supplements continues its steady growth in Europe while doctors continue to insist that the products are mostly unnecessary. The supplement industry became a 350 million British...Concepts: dietary supplement, balanced diet, nutrition, calcium, vitamins and mineralsEven artificial sweeteners may lead to weight gain; nutritionists advise dieters to just ''pull your sweet tooth'' Published February 9 2005As evidence is growing that even artificial, zero calorie, sweeteners can lead to weight gain, nutrition experts say it''s time for dieters to just "pull your sweet tooth." They say that some minerals...Concepts: sweeteners, dieters, artificial sweeteners, weight gain, sugarDietary minerals have a wide range of health applicationsPublished February 4 2005There are a large number of dietary minerals that are important for us to consume. Calcium is the main component of our bones. Sodium helps us with cellular transfers. Magnesium strengthens our...Concepts: minerals, dietary minerals, water, oxygen, fruitsDon’t neglect the minerals when planning your daily dietPublished January 27 2005Minerals are a key ingredient of any healthy diet. Those minerals considered to be major are key nutrients and should be consumed at a rate of 0.1 gram each day. For instance, calcium can strengthen...Concepts: minerals, vegetables, water, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressureEuropean health officials aim to regulate vitamins, other mineral health supplementsPublished January 20 2005Arguing that a simple healthy diet meets most people''s health needs, European Union officials are continuing their trend of heavy regulation on vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, there is a lot of ...Concepts: vitamins, healthy diet, nutrition, mineral supplements, vitamins and mineralsMars rover finds minerals that can only be created by presence of waterPublished December 16 2004Concepts: Mars, minerals, Mars rover, waterDietary supplement makers want safety values based on science, not politicsPublished September 10 2004Concepts: dietary supplement, mineral safety, vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, freedomsChewing sunflower seeds a healthy replacement for smoking or chewing tobaccoPublished August 21 2004Need to kick the tobacco habit? Try chewing sunflower seeds instead. They''re a great source of vitamins and minerals like zinc, which is known to protect against prostate...Concepts: sunflower seeds, smoking, chocolate, polyunsaturated fat, AmericaThe facts about organic foods; having more vitamins and minerals protects you from chronic diseasePublished July 18 2004Here''s an outstanding overview of the facts about organic foods and how they improve your health standing. Highly recommended reading. The bottom line? Organic foods contain more vitamins and...Concepts: minerals, cancer, pesticides, organic foods, vitamins and mineralsSpraying peaches with minerals before harvesting improves the fruitPublished June 22 2004Fascinating new experiments reveal that spraying peaches with mineral supplements containing calcium, magnesium and titanium greatly improves the color, firmness and shelf life of the fruit. ...Concepts: minerals, fruits, mineral supplements, magnesium, calciumDoctors mislead the public with low-carb diet warning about folic acidPublished May 4 2004Doctors in Canada are warning pregnant mothers about the health risks of

eating a low-carb diet. They say carbohydrate restriction harms fetuses.

Yet their claim is so full of distortions and...Concepts: doctors, low-carb, folic acid, low-carb diet, nutritionExpectant mothers need access to free nutritional supplementsPublished April 30 2004Expectant mothers who eat more choline give birth to smarter babies with

better learning and memory capabilities, says new research published in

the Journal of Neurophysiology. Choline is a B...Concepts: nutrition, expectant mothers, choline, pregnant women, cow''s milkFDA mandated folic acid supplementation in white flour prevents heart

disease and strokes, but not intentionallyPublished April 27 2004A new study has discovered that enriching white flour with folic acid

appears to be responsible for reducing not only birth defects, but

strokes, too. There''s a lot to cover here, so prepare for...Concepts: folic acid, white flour, nutrition, the FDA, strokesRefined carbohydrates are to blame for skyrocketing chronic disease, not

just obesityPublished March 2 2004A new study says Americans are getting fatter thanks to an increase in

their consumption of carbohydrates. Women, the study reveals, are

consuming 335 more calories per day than they did in 1971,...Concepts: carbohydrates, refined carbohydrates, white flour, chronic disease, sugarSmall team successfully farms red seaweed, one of the most powerful

healing superfoods on EarthPublished February 2 2004>From a nutritional point of view, there''s nothing healthier for the

human body than sea vegetables and simple plants grown in water (like

chlorella, one of my favorites). These sea vegetables...Concepts: seaweed, red seaweed, superfoods, Japan, sea vegetablesCommon fruits contain a number of vitamins and minerals that reduce the risk of skin cancerPublished December 11 2003Concepts: fruits, vitamins and minerals, vitamins, skin cancer, pomegranateVitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements outlawed in EuropePublished November 23 2003The EU has declared war on nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals. Their plan? To make sure people have to get their nutrients from pharmaceutical companies, where they''ll pay...Concepts: minerals, nutritional supplements, food supplements, vitamins and minerals, vitamins

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