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How to Start Being Kind  Mystery Health Secret Blog

The world has become so fast-paced that people no longer even say hello or hi to each other. I realized that I have started becoming more grouchy and irritable because everyone does not seem to mind me. I discovered that kindness can come in quite handy, especially when you’re all alone and looking for good people to help. Start spreading the deed and see how much better the world can be.

1. The intangibles. You do not need to keep handing out Gifts for groomsmen to every person who passes you by to become kind. You will find that some of the simplest ways, taking only a few seconds are enough to make anybody’s day. I started the routine of being kind by greeting most of the people I come across, including strangers. I give out a cheery smile and happily greet them hello or hi. I was surprised to notice that even those who seem to have a lot of burden eased up immediately.

When I’m jogging in the morning, I wave to cars and trucks moving toward me. I find that they would allow me more space, thus making my workouts less dirty and safer. I also made it a habit to be a gentleman and open doors for women, help them carry books and bags, as well as assist the elderly and children cross the street.

2. Dealing with the negatives. It is also unavoidable to find individuals who do not want to be treated nicely. Perhaps they have always been accustomed to the selfish environment that they no longer find it ideal to hand out Engraved pocket watches during Christmas or spend Valentine’s Day. I once asked to help an old man carry some boxes, but was refuted with a cold “I do not need your kindness.”

You have to stay optimistic in your mission. The rewarding thing is that majority of the people I was kind to actually responded in a positive way. Some individuals need more convincing that you truly are sincere in your actions and just wish to be kind and help. You can also do it in a way that they are the ones being helpful and kind to you. One of the most common ways I do is to ask for the time when I notice that the person has Engraved pocket watches. After giving me the hour, I excitedly thank him or her with a big smile. It will seem as if they just made your day. You’ll discover that smiling is quite contagious.

3. Doing greater things. If you’ve already practised being kind in the simplest ways, perhaps you’d like to go further and feel better by doing bigger things. Once a year, I spend an hour playing cards with an elderly in a home for the aged. I’d select the person who was visited the least. I also spend a day with kids in an orphanage or cancer patients, giving toys and reading them books. I like the warm and fuzzy feeling I get each time I get out of the building and think that I did something good for humanity, even for just a while.

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